Capitol City Bird Society is an educational and charitable organization.  Our mission statement is to “Promote the advancement of aviculture by education of its membership and the public to improve husbandry practices, conservation, research and legislative awareness.”
We sponsor educational events to support and encourage the understanding and care of exotic birds such as macaws, cockatiels, finches, amazons, lovebirds, plus many more species.

Our Objectives Are:
*  Education of individuals and dissemination of information regarding the proper management, breeding, nutrition, sanitation, and care of birds and other aspects of aviculture, including but not limited to, the status of wild populations and their habitats as well as captive populations.  Activities will include lectures, field trips, public exhibits, demonstrations, seminars and a monthly publication of an educational nature.
*  Encouragement of proper care and breeding of birds via safe and humane practices.
Encouragement of the expansion of the number of rare and endangered birds through proper breeding and management of captive populations.
*   Promotion of sound avicultural practices by cooperating with other avicultural organizations, and appropriate governmental agencies to prevent the unlawful or inhumane treatment of birds.
*  Encouragement of conservation practices appropriate to the needs of wild avian species.
*  Dedicating a portion of its income to the advancement of avian research, conservation and legislative awareness.

The Team



Anita Massey


Anita's first cockatiel was purchased at auction in 1972.  She has since keep birds regularly for 17 years now and is interested in hobby breeding and naturalism.  In addition to being our club President, she is a member of Central California Caged Bird Club.


Linda Nichelmann


Linda's love for birds began with cockatiels over 30 years ago.  She and her husband now focus on breeding African Greys and Macaws.  Linda is a member director of the American Federation of Aviculture and has belonged to CCBS for more than 25 years.  Her collection included over 500 birds at one point.

Mary Orr

Mary Orr

Vice President

As a child, Mary grew up with chickens and got her first parakeet at the age of six.  She has kept many species of parrots over the years and now has  particular interest in cockatoos.  She is a member of The American Federation of Aviculture and with CCBS since 2011.


Laura Maddox


When she was just 13 years old, Laura got her first cockatiel at the Capital City Bird Society Mart.  Her baby went on to live 22 years, and as of today, Laura has over 37 years of bird experience. Her areas of interest include breeding, genetics and color mutations, mousebirds, cockatiels and conservation.  She's a proud member of Foothill Bird Fanciers Club and the Central California Cage Bird Club.


Dee LR

DeeAnna Garret

Speaker Chair

DeeAnna has been a life-long advocate for bird and animal welfare.  Her expertise includes avian fresh diets, and is the owner of China Prairie Products.  She is a commercial member of both The American Federation of Aviculture and CCBS.  She currently keeps a cockatiel named Sunny.


Sue Copple


Sue began her love for birds as she gathered eggs on her family's farm as a child over 60 years ago.  She grew up around canaries mostly.  Sue belongs to CCBS, The American Federation of Aviculture.  Her avian interests include behavior and advanced training techniques. Sue loves helping new bird owners.


Diane Aagesen


Diane's passion for birds started at 14 years old with her first parakeet "Freddy".  She has kept macaws, a cockatoo and currently breeds caiques and conures.  Her interest in avian enrichment inspired her to start a bird toy company and has ventured into the development of equipment for breeders.  She is a member of The American Federation of Aviculture and joined CCBS in 2017.


Mariana Mejia


Mariana obtained her first budgie when she was a girl.  Years later, her husband gifted her Ernie the lutino cockatiel back in 1982.  She discovered CCBS in 1984 (pre internet) while searching for information on Patagonian Conures.  One of the speakers at the club's meeting was an expert on conures. Mariana belongs to Foothill Bird Fanciers, Amador Bird Club, The American Federation of Aviculture, CCBS and The American Society of Aviculture.