Capitol City Bird Society's Exotic Bird Re-homing Program

The reasons vary.  Most times a persons circumstances change, and friends or family members are not able to care for the beloved pet; such as a bird owner has to move and cannot take their bird with them.

Whatever the reason, the Capitol City Bird Society is ready to help. Our Adopt-A-Bird Committee finds new owners for your birds. There is no charge for re-homing your beloved bird.

We will find a home for your companion pet with an experienced bird owner. One of the benefits of joining CCBS is that after you have been an active member for one year, you may qualify to adopt one of these birds for a minimal fee. The fee helps cover the club's expenses for providing a temporary home for the bird.

Classified Adds

FOR SALE:  Bonded pair of macaws (Military Male & Blue & Gold Female).  These birds are in a large outside aviary & must stay together.  Asking $1950.00 for the pair.  Semi tame.  Please contact Christina at 916/501-8276 or

FOR SALE:  Aviculturist Semi-Retiring. Beautiful bonded pair Red Front Macaws -- $1800.00. Beautifully feathered female Umbrella Cockatoo -- $750.00.  All birds housed in large outside aviaries. Contact Bill at 916/722-4604 & leave message or email

FOR SALE: 10 Feather Farm Breeder cages @ $25.00/each.  Paid $250.00/each originally.  Lots of smaller cage for sale too including wrought iron.  Tons of misc. bird stuff; nest boxes, playpens, & 3 brooders.    Also need boarding this summer for my pet B & G Macaw.  Call Bonnie @ 530-777-8258 or 424-400-1914 or email

FOR SALE: Female keel toucan 2 years old. $2800.00.  Very social and playful. Loves to catch ball.  Please call and ask for Cindy or Ray: (916) 920-8568.  Or email:

FOR SALE: Military macaw approximately 20 years old with a bad foot.  Has not been handled for a while. $500 with large cage.  Blue and gold macaw also about 20 years.  He/she too has not been handled for a while.  $700 with large cage.  If interested please contact Jerry McFadden at 916-532-8919 or

Disclaimer: The Capitol City Bird Society assumes no responsibility for the possible transfer of illness or the quality of goods or services advertised on this website or printed in our newsletter, The Feather Pages. Please quarantine all new birds brought into your home or aviary.

Ads will usually stay on website for two months.